Home Theater Gear: NHT Speakers Are Back - Will Use New Distribution Model
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NHT Speakers Are Back - Will Use New Distribution Model

NHT, the well regarded speaker company that took a break from operations for a while is now back, and ready to go. They are reopneing with a new twist, they will sell direct from their web site and from authorized dealers and installers. However their products are purchased, NHT will send them directly to the customer.

This is a whole new angle on going green, as one of the resons stated by CEO Chris Byrne for the change is that it will be easier onthe environment because the speakers will only have to be shipped once. That is a great sentiment, but if the speakers are sold by a custom installation firm they will still be likely to dispatch an installation van to the job site with all the other product and supplies. Sending the speakers directly to the customer's house isn't likely to be much greener than sending them to the dealer.

Byrne indicates NHT has several new design concepts in the works. This should be a welcome development, as NHT has enjoyed a well deserved reputation for turning out some great, and sometimes interesting speakers. I'm actually listening to a 10 year old pair of NHT Super One's powered by an (also 10 year old) Adcom GFA-535 as I write this. They've never sounded better.

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